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Who we are

Who we are Projects

How we think.

A white sheet at the beginning.
We do not present you with a wide range of possible real estate, already elaborated blueprints, cost tables, etc., with confidence that they will fit in some way. Rather, we attach great importance to custom-made products.

For this, we first need to know you, your company and your specific requirements first. Finally, we do not build any building for any company in any location, but your building. Exactly as you need it and, if possible, where you want it. We firmly believe that good products are not the result of competition, but of intensive dialogue.

From the inside out.
We plan buildings from the inside out – from the needs of the users to the actual architecture. Within the scope of our discussions and intensive needs analyses, we also take a close look at your workflow and process organisation. On this basis, we develop premises for you that optimally support your workflow and reduce labour costs.

Class instead of mass.
In addition, our “tailor-made suits” not only fit much better, they are also cheaper. Since we are never speculative, we are always focused on our clients, we can always start at “0”. In contrast to off-the-shelf solutions, we offer you individual solutions that are far ahead and can be flexibly adapted to new requirements in the future without great effort.

We create real estate that inspires.

For more than 20 years, we have been successful as a real estate project developer. It is our goal and our motivation to bring people and ideas together in every project to create something very special.

In close dialogue with our clients, we realize project vision with heart and mind. We place particular emphasis on high-quality consulting services for our clients.

Feeling – We develop emotions.
After all, we do not just want to build houses, but to develop passion with our projects and to create emotional habitats in which people feel comfortable.

Convincing – with passion.
The owners of our company Stephan Kölbl and Dr. Marcus Kruse share this passion with their highly motivated and competent team. Flat hierarchies enable rapid, uncomplicated and successful solutions, especially in the currently difficult real estate environment.

Experience – individual and contemporary
The focus of our work is the planning and realization of office and administrative buildings throughout the entire Federal territory. We have many years of experience with complex building concepts and, in particular, the linking of historical buildings with modern needs.

How we work.

A reputable team.
In close cooperation with a team of experts from all construction sectors, we offer tailor-made building solutions for our customers. We attach great importance to the cooperation with long-standing, reliable partners and proven structures. After all, we do not build houses en masse, but instead create individual, unmistakable living and working environments for our selected customers.

Thought down to the last detail.
Once we have completed our conversations and analyses, we begin by looking for the appropriate plot and the detailed planning of your project. An attractive, unmistakable and prestigious façade naturally plays an important role. But first we concentrate on the location and the inner values: from the space division to the interior to the computer network and high-tech equipment, we leave nothing to chance. And down to the smallest detail.

Saving intelligently with quality.
In addition to optimizing your workflow, we also keep costs and resources at your fingertips – with state-of-the-art building technology and intelligent surface design, a lot of money can be saved. As our customers, you are of course permanently involved in the development process of your building. After all, it is developed precisely for you and your employees.

The icing.
When persecutors like us engage with such a great commitment to a project, it is understandable that it becomes a matter of heart. This is why we attach great importance to giving all the projects developed by us the special something, the unmistakable – the icing on the cake.

We want to create future-oriented buildings with an attractive ambience and a living environment. That is why the open-mindedness towards modern architectural concepts and art in building is just as much an ecological requirement. You can also find this in our projects in many places.

What always interests us.

Since we are always enthusiastic about original projects, innovative concepts and future-oriented plans, we are naturally also interested in the strong ideas of others.

Yours, for example.

So if you have a well thought-out favorite project that you are absolutely convinced of and you just do not know how to realize it, present it to us.

If your project actually has great potential and convinces us, we may be able to make it a reality together with you.

Please contact us at: 0201 320 330