Since almost 20 years the KÖLBL KRUSE FacilityManagement GmbH stands for development and realisation of individual, customised, commercial and technical real estate services of the highest quality for exclusive clients with high-class real property. Currently, we are supervising more than 300.000 sqm of office space in the Rhein-Ruhr-area and beyond. The KÖLBL KRUSE group's head office is the premium real estate RÜ62 that was self-developed and realised in the centre of Rüttenscheid – in the heart of the Ruhr Area.

KÖLBL KRUSE Facility Management GmbH
Contact: Sascha Kersten
Rüttenscheider Straße 62
45130 Essen
Tel.: (0201) 320 330
Fax: (0201) 320 33-33

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